Different, but I like it

If Mother Nature was a woman and humankind was a man,

she gives herself to us, but rather than receive

we take.

Rather than enjoy, we ravage.

Rather than appreciate her beauty and abundance and sacredness

we drown in our own greed for more.


And she forgives us, always, she gives herself to us

until she has nothing left to give.

And at that moment the last human of power

will take their very last breath.

What a waste.

We lash out in pain and fear,

but ignorance is no longer a viable excuse.

Our ways are outdated and the system must die

so a new system can arise.


This is what she sees, Mother Nature.

The new system is arising

and the old system is dying.

Look at her. Do you see hope in her eyes?

Look at her! She is beautiful and amazing;

She is a wonder.

And our love affair can last as long

as the sun keeps our hearts alive.