What does art do for you?

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Whisper of a Kiss is an invitation
when it happens
treasure the moment

Whisper of a Kiss is a reminder
it's about finding your own space
and loving it

Whisper of a Kiss is an ode
to women and beauty
and to growth

Whisper of a Kiss
when it happens
let it happen
Whisper of a Kiss
Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas, 72x30 inches. 2016.
Private collection, USA.
Prints are available in different sizes and mediums here.
What does art do for you?

Art might provoke or disgust you, it might bring about new thoughts and reflections on life and society.

Art might be a window into another world where the known laws of nature have been suspended and creatures born of imagination roam freely.

Art might take you away to celebrate solemn melancholy or fantastic symbolism, and let you sail the waves of a thousand lives.

Art might be a reminder that there is beauty in the world, an invitation to let go of everything but the present moment. 

Art makes living better.
Takeaway Thought

By consciously engaging in acts of appreciating the people and things that matter to you, you grow richer.
Shine on, you crazy diamond!
Much love,