The way you can touch people and never know it.

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"Starlight Reflection"

She invites you in. She looks at you. She holds your gaze. She takes you seriously, because she knows your true worth.
That Summer

I live in Montreal, but hail from Denmark, and every summer I pack up my family and go for a visit.

Denmark in summer is great, and one of the things that is sure to happen are numerous visits to the beach.

The story I am about tell took place a few years ago while hanging out with some friends at a small beach with our kids.

Swimming out of the water I noticed a guy looking at me. Not just casually, but intensely, probing, like he had something on his mind. Although I made a note of it, I shrugged it off.

But then, a bit later, I noticed a woman doing the same thing. Again, not casually, but with the same inquisitive look on her face.

Fair enough, I thought, maybe I remind her of someone, but then again, that's really none of my business.

A bit later, as I'm packing up to leave they come over, holding hands.

The girl was the first one to speak. "Are you Bjørn?" she asked.
What had I done?

It turns out that two years prior, on that year's summer trip to Denmark, I had found myself sitting at a picnic table in Freetown Christiania (my birthplace) in Copenhagen, sketching away in the early evening, when these two lovers sat down across from me.

I don't remember exactly why but we got to talking. I also don't remember exactly what I said, but it had obviously left an impression.

Two years later on that beach they had recognized me, and wanted to thank me for what I had told them that evening, because it had helped them overcome a rough patch in their relationship, and now they were stronger together than ever before.
"Starlight Reflection"
The New Beginnings Series
Acrylics on gessoed stretched gallery canvas, created with paint brushes and airbrush,  48 x 36 inches.

Available at the gallery here.
Thoughts on that which we forget.

I've thought a lot about that story. Not because I've been trying to remember what I said, that is not so important. Instead I think about the fact that I had forgotten in the first place. I had forgotten something because it was not important to me at that time.

But it had been very important to someone else. 

It struck me that we can go on with life and say and do things that for us seem trivial, of no significance, and yet to others, those words or actions can have a lasting impact upon their lives. 
"I have been dissolved and been in perfect harmony with all of life, I've been surrounded and penetrated by a light that is love, and a love that is the light."
Takeaway Thought

Take yourself seriously. Not "serious" seriously, don't be a square, if you get my drift. But put yourself out there, knowing that what you say and do matters.

You might not know what it is that you say or do that matters, it could be something trivial like striking up a conversation with a pair of strangers on a warm summer's evening. It could be something you'd never think twice about.

But for someone else it could change their lives.

You may never know your own worth in the eyes of those you touch. 
Shine on, you crazy diamond!
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