Time Matters


"She sees it all, and before her eyes the seasons change yet the mystery remains."

I have decided to start pricing my original artworks based purely on a canvas size grid.

This means that the price of an artwork will be based entirely upon how small or big the canvas is.

Why, you might ask?

Let me tell you why.

1) Pricing artwork by size is a major component of how art is valued in the art market today (aside from how famous / successful the artist is). As such, I am merely following the set standard of pricing.

2) I am notoriously bad at keeping a record of how many hours I've worked on a piece. I've tried different methods but it keeps on coming back to the same thing: Stuck with trying to reconstruct when and for how long I worked; and as time is equally warped in opposing directions depending on whether I struggle or am in flow, it always ends up being guesswork rather than something resembling accuracy.

3) Pricing my artwork in this manner takes the "how I feel about it" out the equation; it addresses the fallacy of what I call the "emotional investment reaction", which is what happens when an artist thinks a given artwork should be worth more because of how he or she feel about it. 
It's all about the art!

Essentially the reason for me to go ahead and implement this pricing grid is to free up more time for me to paint.

I'm a father of two boys, I freelance as a translator to help pay the bills, and I need to attend to the business and marketing side of being an artist as well.

If I can cut out any unnecessary aspects or automate certain key processes, such as pricing original artworks, that means I have more time to paint. 

And painting, after all, is the principal reason for why I am doing all of this.
If that was me, then what about you?

What this means is that the pricing of some of the artworks available on my online gallery has been adjusted. Some are now more affordable while others have increased slightly in price. 

If you had you mind set on one of the pieces that has gone up in price, just reach out to me before the end of this week and let me know, and I'll make sure you get it at the price that was listed previously!

This only affects original artworks, the pricing of my prints are unchanged.
The Roots Series
Acrylic paint on gessoed stretched gallery canvas, created with paint brushes and airbrush, 30 x 40 inches.

Reminiscence is of the originals that are now more affordable due to the new pricing grid system.

Available at the gallery here.
Some memories brighten the light of your soul, while others may be shaped into stepping stones for a new tomorrow.

Reminiscence is about connecting with yourself wherever you are.
"I use paint and words to express myself."
Takeaway Thought

Sometimes reevaluating an aspect of your life means changing direction. It can be difficult, especially if you (like me) are a creature of habit, and even more so if you feel that you have publicly committed to a path. But I think to honestly look at oneself, admitting when something is not working properly, and taking steps to correct it, is not a sign of weakness but of strength.
Shine on, you crazy diamond!