Something Old, Something New

Welcome Art Lovers - Be Well Greeted
Acrylics on gallery stretched gesso'd canvas, 18x24 inches.2019

It's an exploration of different media merging and emerging with each other.
It's about seeing the world for what it is, but also seeing beyond that; it is about flow and eternal wisdom.
I discovered the strangest thing
last yesterday two months past the fourth of something
pop, it said
just like that
and then I knew
things happen
yes, they do
I don’t quite understand the wondrous complexity of it
but things happen
and that’s the beauty
these marks of coincidence and fate
just that they do
cuz in the possibility to plant a seed there
with thick clumsy fingers
a little seed of goodnice
that’s where the joyful stuff is at
and everyone can join
how odd, how used, how strangely reverberating, this almost forgotten cliché
but it works, I’m telling you, it works
and so I’m dancing, yes hopping funny peculiar
feeling right at home
because I can
because things happen
I wrote this poem maybe some 15 years ago. I just stumbled upon it looking through some old papers the other day, and I like it's optimism and gaiety, so I thought I'd share it. Hope you like it.
Takeaway Thought

The relationship you have with yourself is the longest you'll have in this life, and the only one that truly is unbreakable until death do you part.

Improve on it a little every day.
Shine on, you crazy diamond!
Much love,