Mother Nature Yunelaire

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"Mother Nature Yunelaire"
The Loving series
What I Create...
... is about my vision. My artworks are an extension of what I see with my mind's eye as well as what I believe in my heart.

I am a spiritual person and I am convinced that we are stewards not only of this planet but also of each other and of our human selves.
As we live and have experiences, at the deepest level we encounter not the world and other people, but ourselves.
This watercolor creation is called "Mother Nature Yunelaire". 

She is available as prints in a variety of mediums and sizes, both in her original format as well as in a square format in my Gallery here
I initially didn't have a name for her and while I was contemplating this my two sons, happily and loudly playing some form of tag game burst into my studio. 

In another life I worked extensively with young people, so I know that pitting hard against hard is usually not a straight path to where you want to go. So instead of bellowing at them to quiet down and stop running around, I said "Boys, I need your help." 

How often do adults ask children for help?

They stopped in their tracks and I pointed to her and asked them what her name should be. 

"Mother Nature" said my eldest ten-year-old without pause, and this at exactly the same time as the youngest, who is four, said "Yunelaire".

I swear, that kid is from another planet. He will often insist that he is 88 99 years old (yes, eighty-eight ninety-nine years old, whatever that means), and once told me when he was 3 that he was now done with wearing diapers at night, in a voice so serious and matter-of-fact I had no reason to doubt him. 

I have no idea what or who Yunelaire is, or if I am even spelling it correctly, but I asked a question, the answer was given, and so I present to you without further ado "Mother Nature Yunelaire"
"As a visual artist I use paint and imagination to explore the relationship between nature and humans, between the spiritual and the natural. The underlying theme in all of my artwork is the relationship we have with each other, nature, our spirituality, and ourselves."
Takeaway Thought

I think there are many blessings and curious wonders to be discovered, as long as we are but open to the unknown and that which we cannot fully comprehend.

Allowing myself to be a bit more playful has made my heart a little lighter.
Shine on, you crazy diamond!
PS. Did you ever have an experience where something a child did or said completely took you by surprise? I'd love to hear about it.