My Studio

Quick peek into my studio - the space in which I fulfill most of my creativity.
The Falsehood Dream
Throughout my path in life I've been a clothing designer, a boutique owner, a chef, I've worked with kids on the street and translated AAA games for major developers... I've had good and fruitful jobs, but through it all the dream of becoming a professional artist was always there, buried alongside Santa and the Easter Bunny.
But unlike the tale of the big fat red man who slinks down a billion chimneys in a single night, the dream of living the artist's life lay buried with a beating heart.
As is often the case when we dream of something that we have no experience with, ideas, mostly false, started to populate my imaginative mind, and one of those ideas was that artists always had large and well-lit studios, spacious and organized, like the one in which Hans Hartung created his abstract masterpieces.
The studio of Hans Hartung with the painter and one of his artworks.
My Space
In the beginning I was ashamed of my studio. It is small and, to the untrained eye, appears utterly chaotic. 

How can I be a real artist when my studio doesn't fit my mental image of how an artist's studio is supposed to look like?

Now that I articulate this, I cringe at the fallacy of my logic. But at the time that was my subconscious thought process. 

And it affected me. 
Paying It Forward
Why do I tell you this?

Simple, I want you all to know that it doesn't matter where you get creative.

There is no right way to set yourself up, no requirements that you need to fulfill be an artist, except one: Create. Art.
Your space has only one criteria to fulfill – to help you facilitate your creative endeavor.
Want to take a quick peek inside my small and chaotic studio? Click here!
Takeaway Pearl
Don't let an idea of how something is supposed to be done stop you from doing it your own way. 
Your way just might work.
Until next week, all the best!
PS. Talking about studios, I've got to take a break from getting creative in mine during most of this week... I've got to get ready for next week when I kick off the biggest sale I'm going to have all year!