Nifty Little Art Trick

The Arrival
New Gold paint I just received in the post. Never tried it before. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
The Laying of the Foundation
When you first experiment with a new color a lot of time is saved if you start by laying down a few different colors and then lay some of the new paint over them.

That little exercise will tell you how it is going to be affected the underlying different shades of paint, and you can see how transparent or opaque the paint is.

The image below shows you how I have layered the new gold paint over white, grey and black.
The New Beginnings Series

(Work In Progress)
Once I began laying the gold down it became clear that it didn't cover well (high transparency / thin paint).

At this point I know it is going to take some layers to build up a uniform mass. That's okay, in the end it is going to look wicked nice.

I decided to go with white as base color because I wanted to use the brightest gold in the final expression.
Takeaway Pearl
Learning to do things in a way that saves time in the long run
while having fun
is a way of staying young
Until next week, all the best!
PS. I don't often have deals, but I like to spice things up around the Holidays. Stay tuned.