The Essence

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The Roots Series
There is a force to be reckoned with, and it is the power of memories, both subtle and fleeting, yet powerful and eternal.

Some memories brighten the light of your soul, while others may be shaped into stepping stones for a new tomorrow.

She sees it all, and before her eyes the seasons change yet the mystery remains.
Reminiscence is about connecting with yourself.
Reminiscence Original is acrylic paint on gessoed, stretched gallery canvas.
You can check her out here.

The Passion

I express my vision through my paintings. 

My aim is to create something that is beautiful and interesting.

Flow matters a lot to me.

I am fascinated and enchanted by the beauty of the woman.

I think there is magic in nature.

All of these elements combined is what, to me, makes a successful painting. 
Takeaway Thought

Close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere pleasant and beautiful, like a beach where the sun bathes your face and the wind plays with your hair. You lie back and breathe deeply as you relax all the way into your bones. You close your eyes while listening to the sound of the ocean as it stretches up to kiss your feet. You take another breath. Deep and easy. You are the light.

Stay in that place for a moment.

Now realize:

It all happens inside of you, the magic is always there, waiting for you to awaken it.

Until next week, all the best!
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