The Snowstorm that gave birth to a Painting

"Pursual" - The Nature's Breath Series

Outside the wild dance of the snowstorm kept everyone inside, and on the canvas Pursual was born.

Pursual wasn't planned, I followed no w sketch or laying or composition, and it shows in the final piece. Given my obsession with flow and proper composition, I would normally never have let the middle branch remain our of sync. But it just happened. That day, that fair, that storm that kept us all where we were.

It should have irked me, but the funny thing is, now that it stands finished I think that it is the branch that breaks the flow, which completes the painting.

Pursual is like life, not perfect, but beautiful, if you are open to it.

The Love of Trees
A tree will always grow towards its optimal situation given its environment and natural strengths.

The roots of a tree buried deep underground spread out, absorbs nutrients from the richness of the dark soil, and give the trunk and crown its foundation and ultimate strength and endurance.

The trunk stretches upward and supports the crown of the tree, where each branch stretches out and upwards towards life provided by the sun and rain.

And on each branch leaves adorn the majesty of the crown, and each leaf is a cosmos unto its own, a work of art, life-giving and beautiful. 

Takeaway Pearl
We have plans and expectations, but life is larger than our plans and often thwarts our expectations.

Make plans, try to limit your expectations, but most important - prepare for the unexpected. Not by imagining all the unexpected that can possibly happen (an impossible task) but by preparing yourself so that you always have something constructive and positive you can do, no matter the situation.

For example, I always carry a notebook - so whether I'm stuck in the Metro or waiting for a friend at the airport I always have something to do that is valuable to me. 

How about you? What can you do everywhere that is of value to you?

The takeaway pearl is: Nothing is as precious as your time. Do whatever it takes to not waste it.

Until next week, all the best!