What's in a name?

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The Freedom Series
What's in a Name?
My name is Bjørn. Yes, with the ø. Ø is a letter in the Danish alphabet, a kind of melting together of o and e. Bjørn means bear. Bear is my name. Nice to meet you!

I did not like my name growing up. It is not a common name in Denmark. There is a children's song about a bear sleeping in a cave that isn't dangerous if you just remember to be careful. I guess the bear was hibernating. I got teased a lot with that song, and didn't like it. When I think about the song today, I believe it is about letting sleeping dogs lie. Which I don't necessarily agree with. Sometimes you've got to dig up old bones to make peace with the past, and move forward.
I started liking my name about the same time I started coming into myself. Teenage years I'd say. High school and girls, parties, figuring myself out, figuring out life (still working on that). 
Years later, while living in Scotland, I applied for a job working with young people who had experienced homelessness. We would take them into our care with a purpose beyond getting them off the streets: We would listen to and use their personal experiences as a way of organizing workshops and programs designed to prevent other young people at risk from the frightening experience of becoming homeless themselves.

Part of the job interview was carried out by some of these young people. They asked me some good questions, and one or two silly ones, like who was my favorite Scottish folk singer (I had no idea how to answer that one).

One of the more interesting questions was that if I were an animal, what animal would I be? It was an easy question for me to answer without hesitation: Bear. ‘Why a bear?’ they asked, to which I explained that a bear is strong, can climb, swim and run, is self-sufficient and loyal, and very protective of its loved ones. A bear adores the sweet things in life, like honey and berries. A bear works hard and is focused, but it also knows how to relax and rest, and when it does, it knows how to conserve its energy until the coming of spring. Finally I smiled, and said that my name is the Danish equivalent of the word bear. We all laughed. I got the call next day: I was hired.
If you would like to hear me pronounce my weird sounding Danish name check out this short video!
"Circus" - The Original Artwork of this Fierce Lady was completed in less than a few hours. She was a whirlwind, freedom exploding with no premeditated intention, but with the strong feeling of beauty and life unhindered. Want to take a closer look at her in the gallery store? - Click here!
Small Wins
Boy, have I got some good news to share with you!

I am organizing a lucky draw for a free print of one of my artworks! There is a page up on my site here if you want to go check out the details. 

Why? Simple, really.
Because I think We should All be more Connected! Because I want to Provide something of Value to the World! Because I create Positive Art!
This draw is exclusively for my Newsletter Tribe Members. What this means is that once you receive my newsletter emails (like this one) because you've signed up, you're in. Sit back, relax, go about your day and enjoy the ride. It might just be your name pulled out of the virtual hat!

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"Circus" - Inks and Watercolors on textured, heavy weight, fine art watercolor paper.
Takeaway Pearl
Sometimes, the quality you ascribe to a certain thing, be it a feature aspect of your physical trait, a name, or something else entirely, has more to do with your own perception and inner judgment, and less to do with any inherent and objective truth.
Did you ever change how you were able to see something, only to discover the same thing in a totally new light?
Until next week, all the best!
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